IELTS 5.5 Preparation

IELTS 5.5 Classes in Brisbane
Our IELTS Success 5.5 preparation class is a skills based course focusing on all four macro skills - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening - as they relate to the IELTS test. Each individual skill or test strategy is taught, demonstrated and then practised using a "see how it works" method so that students can see instantly how the strategy relates to the test. This is followed up with further practice at home. In this course we will work on test skills to improve scores.The main course book is "IELTS Express" by Hallows, Lisboa and Unwin.

Reading General
     - Reading skills such as skimming, scanning, reading for detail and understanding the
       overall idea and predicting content
     - True/False/Not Given or Yes/No/Not Given
     - Matching heading with paragraphs or sections
     - Summary short answer questions
     - Table completion, Sentence completion
     - Matching information to paragraphs
     - Multiple-choice questions.

    - Listening Overall listening strategies
     - Using pronunciation to help understand fluent speech
     - Part 1 questions and filling in a form
     - Spelling, Table completion
     - Summary completion
     - Labelling a diagram
     - Multiple choice questions
     - Listening to lectures/talks
     - Using grammar to work out the correct form of the word in the answer.

     - Overall information about the test and strategies
     - Giving personal information and talking about likes and dislikes
     - Fluency espcially inPart 2 –the long turn: planning and topic development to aid fluency
      - Pronunciation
     - Dealing with difficulties during the interview - nerves and not
        understanding the question
     - Two way discussion –thinking on your feet. Circumlocution.

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